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Tourism Place Of Bangladesh । nogodbd

Tourism Place Of Bangladesh । nogodbd

Bangladesh is a small country. But its scenery is very gorgeous. It has a lots of tourism place. The people of Bangladesh are famous for friendly and welcoming and the country is full of cultural wonders such as the tea covered highlands of Srimangal to the gorgeous golden sands of Cox’s Bazar .Cox’s Bazar is the third longest beach in the world. It’s known for its very long, sandy beachfront, stretching from Sea Beach in the north to Kolatoli Beach in the south. Its South of town, the tropical rainforest of Himchari National Park has waterfalls and many birds. North, sea turtles breed on nearby Sonadia Island. Now I’m going to tell you another famous place named Alutila Cave. Its called Alutila Mysterious Cave. Its located the district of khagrachari. It is so dark that torches or locally sold flambeaux are used to see well enough to walk around the cave. Its 100 meters long. It has a natural subway-like shape with cold water flowing at bottom. The Chandranath hill is the best hill in country. Its the eastern part of the Himalayas separated from the Himalayas.Here two waterfalls are Sahasradhara and Suptadhara. In Mirsarai part, there are many more fountains and waterfalls, including Khoiyachora, Harinmara, Hatuvanga, Napittachora, Bagbiyani, Boalia, Amarmanyaka and many more.really it’s a beauty palce of nature. Kuakata is a panoramic sea beach.here we can view both sunrise and sunset.Its called the daughter of Ocean.Jaflong the another famous for tourist place.Its called the Hill station.Its located Shylet district.here live lots of Kashi Tribe. Its mainly a tea garden and hill.here a river also. Which is so fresh Now, I am going to tell you the amaging place its name Sajek Vally. Really, it’s an amaging tourist spot. Its located on Rangamati district. its 1,476 feet (450 m) above sea level. Its known as the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati. Our country has many romantic place.one of them is Saint Martin. Many new married couple are going there for Honeymoon. Because its nature and sense are so romantic hat couple are happily travel there. Tourism place are natural beauty of a country. If we travel this place, we can breath freely. And also fresh our mind.

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