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Positive effect of Covid-19

Positive effect of Covid-19

I would like to talk about something that we must’ve been witnessing around our during this lockdown .How the sky has turn blue! How the air has become cleaner! When we look up at night the sky, we can actually see the star . They are has so clear that the Himalayan peaks are visible from Jalander in Panjab , situated 140 KMS away. The residents of Jalander say that for the first time in 20-30 years , the air has become so clean that they are able to see the Himalayan peaks from Jalander . Such news reports are pouring in from worldwide.so I’m analyzing you what is the impact of corona virus and lockdown on environment? Why are economy and environment always seen inversely proportional to one another? When the economy stumbles, the environment begins to become better. Why does this happen? Why this lockdown good for our? Nitrogen dioxide is a toxic gas that is emitted from the engines of cars , buses ,trucks and from factories. The state WORLD HEALTH ORGANAIZATION that if this gas is more in concentration than 200 micrograms per cubic meter then it can cause enormous inflammation in your breathing pipe which can lead to problem like Asthma. How due this lockdown, the number of cars plying on the road have become less. Factory have shut down and hence, in the cities all over the world. The Conservation of (no2) in the air has fallen drastically. Have a look at first example China .The month of January there weather fallen in February. Exactly the same thing was witnessed in the cities of Europe in Spain, in UK, in Italy and Bangladesh also. Particular matter 2.5or PM 2.5.its one of the most harmful forms of air pollution. It’s included in the category of group 1 carcinogen and it is so small that it can travel from your lung into your blood stream which will not only cause respiratory problem. But also heart attack and can also cause premature deaths. WORLD HEALTH ORGANAIZATION said that every year 4 million people are killed due 2.5 caused-heart diseases ,strokes ,lung cancer ,chronic .for lockdown is also fallen .only one month more than 77000 lives have been saved due to the decrease in air pollution. Carbon dioxide have been decrease day by day in air. Not only air pollution but also water pollution have been fallen. For lockdown many busy people give time to their family. Which they don’t gave anymore. The children are also close there parents for every moment. So we can say Covid-19 is not only harmful but also helpul for our

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